Demo Site Information

About demo site

Intention of this website is to provide front & back office testing to anyone looking at OsclassPoint products. Emails are disabled on this site to avoid spamming. All newly published items are removed within 24 hours from publish date to keep site clean. OsclassPoint team kindly ask you to do not try to hijack this site, it cost you time as well as us and our hosting provider provides 30 days backup of files as well as database that makes restore available in 1 minute.


User access


There are 10 accounts on that can be used to test front-office functionality of osclasspoint plugins. Note that in most cases it is not possible to change password, email or any other information related to demo user access.

List of available accounts in format email / username / password

  • / demo / demo123
  • / demo2 / demo123
  • / demo3 / demo123
  • / demo4 / demo123
  • / demo5 / demo123
  • / demo6 / demo123
  • / demo7 / demo123
  • / demo8 / demo123
  • / demo9 / demo123
  • / demo10 / demo123



Backoffice functionality is very limited for admin demo account and allow you to go just to plugins section. Plugins has also limited functionality for demo account to avoid interuption of demo site and spamming.

List of available accounts in format username / password

  • demo / demo123



Functionality of each plugin is presented on different listing. These listings are titled based on product name for easy navigation.