Iphone 8

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Offer can be created on listings that has price larger than 0. Theme preintegrates button to make offer in right sidebar and is shown bellow as well. Offers are visible using same button.
Show/Add new offer <?php echo mo_show_offer_link(); ?>
Radius search provides several functionality: search listings in distance from city/region, show item on map with related listings close to it, search on map, publish map to select location...
Distance box that can be used on search page (sidebar): <?php echo radius_distance_box(); ?>
Show map with listings <?php echo radius_map_items(); ?>

Related listings in your area
How far is it? Show listings in my area

Show only listings that are km distanced Show listings
To initiate chat click on chat button. Plugin also allow to show if user is online or not.
Initiate chat button <?php echo oc_chat_button(); ?>
Chat unavailable
User is offline
Start chatting
User is online
Show dot if user is online or not <?php echo oc_user_status(); ?>
Bellow are listed functions of User Rating Plugin - show rating, show stars, button to add rating, ... Add new rating button is also in right sidebar (pre-integrated in theme).
Add new review button <?php echo ur_add_rating_link(); ?> Rate this user
Show user rating <?php echo ur_show_rating_link(); ?> Show user rating
Show rating stars <?php echo ur_show_rating_stars(); ?> 4.0
Bellow you can find contact button and link to messages generated by Instant Messenger Plugin. On this site is activated also "replace contact seller" functionality, means when you contact seller, it creates instant message instead of email. At header bar theme generates link for messages automatically.
Contact button <?php im_contact_button(); ?> Send messageOnly for logged in users
Link to messages with count <?php echo im_messages(); ?>
Take a look on source code of this page as well as title bar of browser how meta tags has changed and reflect Seo Plugin settings
Right click here and select "View page source"
Following tags should be changed:
  • title
  • meta name="title"
  • meta name="description"
Take a look on source code of this page as well for meta tags generated by Social Tags Plugin to provide correct data to social networks
Right click here and select "View page source"
Following meta tags are generated:
  • Facebook Open Graph Tags
  • Google Rich Snippet Tags
  • Twitter Tags
SMS Payments Plugin allows to promote or move to to item via SMS. Bellow are shown promote buttons as well as in right sidebar (preintegrated in theme). Note that as this is demo site, fortumo is not configured here.
Promote / Move to top buttons <?php echo sp_buttons(osc_item_id()); ?> Promote listingfor 30 daysMove to Topand get more views
In right sidebar you may find link to leave feedback on user.
Various feedback functions of plugin are shown bellow.
Overall rating <?php echo show_feedback_overall(); ?>
Detail rating <?php echo show_feedback_detail(); ?>
Ratings for this user <?php echo show_feedback_list(); ?>
Feedback given to user demo3
Overal latest feedback on site <?php echo show_latest_feedback(); ?>
Latest feedbacks
I think he is cute
what a fuck
We hate it
Top 5 users <?php echo show_best_users(); ?>
Best Rated Users
Feedback placed <?php echo count_feedback_overall(); ?> 1x
Favorite items plugin enables to make listing favorite. You can make listing favorite from right sidebar or on search/home page (save button).
Various favorite items functions of are shown bellow.
Check user profile area
Your currently favorited listings <?phpfi_list_items(); ?>

Favorited listings

You do not have any favorite listings
Most favorited listings by all users <?phpfi_most_favorited_items(); ?>



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    Country -
    Region Alabama
    Address Bremen
    Type Private
    Iphone 8 - 1/1
    Iphone 8
    Find more about iPhone 8
    5000.00 $
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